Flash flies for Washington fish

Rob Blomquist

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I am wondering if you guys fish Flash flies for salmon, steelhead, and rainbows in Washington?

I have not seen them mentioned for down here, but seeing as how silvers seem to like spoons and spinners, I thought a flash fly would be a good pattern.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, heres a link:

If you do fish them, would you mind sharing how you dress them? My first attempts will be just like the one above.

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Matt Burke

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I'm tying up several hareballs with lots of flash and all the flo colors ya might find in lures or a whore house. I'll be out on Monday testing 'em on the Sky. Don't know if it'll work, but my fly box sure looks pretty. Least that's what the wife says.

the most productive way of hooking these tight jawed silvers this year for me and some of my friends are 1/4 ounce jigs tied up very similar to that casted with light spinning gear. yeah I have been selling alot of jigs and flies like that lately on there all that style I would say. didn't know they were called flash flies but this year the flies and jigs on alot of people catching the fish this funny year are as flashy and basic as you can get. there is a hole lot of fish around but there are mature it seems and this style of flies and jigs seems to get them to bite when nuthin does. its all I have in my box now it seems. Ben


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I fish them for silvers pretty regularly, usually with orange hackle. Got a nice steelhead on a flash fly last fall too.

They're simple to tie; just a bunch of flashabou for a tail, tinsel body, another bunch of flashabou for a wing, some hackle, and you're done.

Matt Burke

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Tinsel fly

Well the hareball flash flies sucked up on the Skykomish. Now I'm going to try and tie those tinsel flash flies you guys suggested.



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Tinsel fly

As for silvers and steelhead hitting tinsel/flash flies, I have not tried them out here (west coast), but had great success using them on the St. Joseph River in Michigan...same mentality...gear guys throw 3" silver and green cleo's at them with a "FAST" retreive!

Matt Burke

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I was using my 8 wt with a 10 ft sink tip. I have tied several hareballs of different weights; lead eyes/no eyes/lead wrap/no wrap and every color of rabbit that Ted's sport center has. I would swing drift through, go back to my start point, tie on another or change up my presentation. Like lift the rod tip once or twice through a swing drift or wait for my fly to drop and do quick strips with little wrist flicks. I can get the bull trout to hit olive green egg sucking leeches, but that was it. Maybe I'm just doing to much experimenting with my tying. One of my flies was so light and way to bushy to fly. At one point I had this wooley bugger(and I do mean wooley) just levatating in front of my face while 50 ft of fly line kept going back and forth.

Anyway, I'm tying up some flash flies and flash fly wanna bees. Been trying to figure out a way to put some action on the fly like with a flap or fin to make it wobble like an injured baby trout or something. I'm trying anything and I know it is not just me. The egg chuckers are talking about how bad it is up there too. Maybe I just need to switch rivers.


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Are you adding any weight to the hook shank,like lead wraps,or using cone heads. All of this will help it sink.