Flies, for Fame and Fortune

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    Are you a superb tier of flies? Do you have some of these patterns already tied, or would you be willing to tie them up for me?

    I'll pay you for the flies, but they'll never be fished.

    I need them for photos that will appear at the back of a chidren's story about flyfishing that I've written and am illustrating. The publisher will be sending the book to print on August 1. I would need them by about July 1 so I have time to get them into a photo studio.

    These are common patterns and the list includes:

    Olive Woolly Bugger
    Black Woolly Bugger
    Brown Woolly Bugger
    Muddler Minnow
    Zonker (purple)
    Royal Coachman (dry)
    Blue Winged Olive (dry)
    Adams (dry)
    Stimulator (yellow)
    Elk Hair Caddis (tan)
    Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
    Prince Nymph
    Yellow Sally
    Partridge & Orange (soft hackle)

    I realize I could buy these patterns, but I would prefer to have them tied by someone I "know"
    so that I can give credit in the book to the tier.

    If interested, please PM me.


    Kirk Werner
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    Private me and I will tie all the flies listed. When do you need them by?