Fly fishing for salmon in Prince william Sound AK


I am going on a week long sea kayaking trip next month to Prince William Sound Alaska and I plan to do some fly fishing. We will be kayaking from Columbia Glacier to Meares Glacier. Any suggestions/comments on gear, techniques, areas, flies? I was planning to bring my 10 wt rod as well as my baitcasting setup with spoons, jigs ect. I assume that I will be mainly fishing for Coho crusing tide rips or bait balls. I also figure that I will fish for Dollies in small streams along the way. I do not have a good map yet so I am not sure if we will be in the vicinity of any larger rivers that might have salmon. Any help would be appreciated.

Tom, I saw your post previously and see that no one has responded, but like me, they probably don't have much more than a guess, wish they were going with you, and wish you best of luck! Safe jouneys to you. There are some guys from Alaska on the general Fly Fishing Forum section, you might want to move your inquiry over to there, gets more viewing.