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If you're a fly fisherman, you need to come to my garage sale in North Bend, Saturday, August 18.

You looking for rods? How about Winston, Loomis, Scott, Echo, TFO, Albright.

Reels: Lamson, Abel, SA, Okuma, Tioga, Albright.

I've got a ton of lines. I've got vests, bags, accessories, clothes, even a pair or 2 of boots. I've got an Orvis wading jacket and an old pair of waders if you're interested.

Fly tying? You bet. Vises, tools, materials.

Too much to list.

This is the mother of all closet cleaning. I ain't giving anything away, but you won't find the stuff I have cheaper anywhere else (short of a widow selling her husband's stuff for what he told her he paid for it). And if you don't like the price, make an offer. See what happens. I'm motivated to sell.

I've also got spinning and bait casting rods and reels, cameras, computers, cloths and kids' stuff.

So come on out. Make it a day. Fish the forks. Hit Rattlesnake. Try the Cedar on your way home. But come by my garage sale first.

Saturday, August 18. 9 AM until no more customers.
456 SE Maple Dr.
North Bend, WA 98045

Look for the green signs.

Ed Call

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Dagnabit, how the heck can I visit your garage sale from the airport in Philly? Post up the leftovers, if there happen to be any.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Dagnabit how can I visit your garage sale when my wife works today and we are down to only one car. Cruel man, just cruel.


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Update (or shameless bump, you decide.)

I cleaned out a bookshelf and am adding a big stack of books to the inventory. How to, where to, why too.


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anything left over?
How many times have you heard this? You should have been here yesterday.

Thanks to folks who showed up. I really don't have much left. Seven rods changed hands, about a dozen reels and a dozen lines. Couple of vises, boots, vests, waders, books and a bunch of misc. Set up a few folks who are new to the sport. That's alway good.

This was more of a closet cleaning than a money raiser. I'm in no hurry to move stuff that didn't sell. Still, I'll probably be listing individual items in the next few weeks. But before I do that, I need to take photos and figure out a time when I can chaperone the transaction and ship stuff out. That's all labor intensive and it's hard for me to find the time to set up individual sales.

Thanks again to everyone who showed interest.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Hmmmmmmmm, since I've been in promo mode. If you're not out to make any cash. You can get a write off donating them to Project Healing Waters. :) I know a guy who could set you up on that. ;)
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