Fly Fishing in Loreto

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cb3fish, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Well, my time has come to start my annual fishing trip to Loreto for almost a month.
    I have received numerous reports, emails and phone calls from friends and fishing buddies concerning the current fishing status in Loreto. What I have deciphered from all the information I accumulated was that the Dorado are just starting to show up in big numbers and big size also, kind of like the tip of the iceberg. My guide has been commercial fishing for Yellowtail, and hasn't had any tourist fly fishermen trips so far this year.
    Yesterday while fishing he found a medium patch of Sargasso, with hundreds of smaller Dorado under it, his buddy found a patch of Sargasso with lots of extra big Dorado under it. Patty, the manager at the Oasis, said there were some 39-pounders brought in yesterday. Again, I believe it’s the tip of the iceberg and we will see a fantastic year with Dorado. My guide also said there were lots of Billfish jumping around. I also got a third-hand report about lots of smaller Roosters, which might not be reliable
    I'm so looking forward to this year’s fishing trip. I can't wait to tie on a big pink, blue or brown Chicken fly and go searching around for a pack of Dorado, or finding a patch of Sargasso with lots of Dorado under it and cast to them with tube Crease flies. What a rush to watch those Dorado charge your fly from about 50 feet away, with half their big green heads out of the water, then explode on my fly! And sometimes they run a few hundred feet and throw the fly. As soon as you grab the string and start to retrieve your line, BOOM another Dorado grabs your discarded fly and it’s off to the races again. Only big, wild, crazy Sea of Cortez Dorado can do these crazy things that never cease to amaze me. I guess you can tell I love Dorado on the fly!
    I will be sending all my friends a daily report on the current fishing conditions as they happen day to day on the Oasis' free computer. I will also be posting on here periodically about anything special we might catch.
    Good luck to all the Blanton crew who are also coming down a few days after me; any of you can email me for current conditions.
    Carl Blackledge
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    How is it going down there? I'm thinking about heading down to Loreto in the next 3-4 weeks. I've been the last two years and while it's always fun, 2 years ago was much better then last year (no bait last year).

    Appreciate any report you have!