fly fishing silver derby

saturday the 18 at manchester dock day break till 3pm

I know alot of people are fishing out of boats here, how bout in september we have a flyfishing only silver derby out of manchester, its close to seattle, bainbrige. gig harbor,tacome ect and the ferry is in southworth but the whole area just fills with silvers and its top notch, there a restauraunt and bar there, I can let you guys know when the fish are in thick jumping everywhere and the whole area is small boat freindly and loaded with srcs and the silvers are along the shoreline, even beach fishers can hit places from shore and I can draw out a map for the boat anglers of the best places in the area, shore anglers cant go wrong with the ferry dock or the state park and we can meet at the launch for weigh in, what do you say huh, good times, start something different, pnp woulb be good also but would be blown off the water , manchester and the surrounding area is usually like a lake with much more water to fish, what do you guys think, 1-3 week of september on a weekend.

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Sounds sweet to me, count me in. I might even have a couple spots on my boat if anyone is interested.



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That sounds really good. On a weekend I can make it down. I will bring my 14'er and if my 16 year old doesn't want to go I would have room for someone else.



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I live on Vashon Island and would really love to do this.
I have been fishing every Sunday morning from Dark till about 8 am and have been skunked EVERY TIME. I am at my wits end here. I fish with a 5 weight and a floating line and an epoxy clouser? I fish the tides when I can but have not gotten anything. WOuld love to come get some pointers. I know where I am should be good water (stone beaches, points, etc.) I just cant seem to get dialed in.
I would love to do this.
I would be in your debt if you could let me know which area this is exactly. Is it fishable by pontoon boat? I was able to nail pinks off of Mukilteo last summer/fall on my 6 weight on a pontoon boat and it was amazing. Thanks for the info once again.

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Rockfish -
sounds like fun - count me in. Don't have a boat, so if there is space, more than willing to share gas etc. I've got 20 years of boating behind me so no worries.

Well, I need a day off or two, I am now working 2 jobs. Count my butt in. Just let me know when and I am there.
Just watch out for the Ferry's, they don't like you in their path.




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If you are replying to me consider it done if my son does not make it. Chances are he will not come. This thread will grow, so it will be easy to keep in touch.

I'm breaking the boat into silver fishing at Sekiu tomorrow. Talk at you guys when I get back


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If we could, we should set a date so I can take some vacation if it's a weekend I work. I'll brew my field coffee via my French Press and I'll have a some of my Spey rods if anyone wants to try overheading from the beach with shooting heads and amnesia running line. I'm hoping at least one other person that does the same technique will be there so that we can collaborate.

Matt Burke
Try using a different line. Use a sinktip or a multi-tip line. I've had my best luck using a type 3 or 6 on my multi-tip line. I have friends that do well using clear intermediate lines. You will have more luck with these lines then a floater. The floater will have a tendency to lift your fly up closer to the surface and out of the strike zone, even with a clouser. If you are going to use the floater, try it with something like Leland's Beach Popper.