Fly line recommendations?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by gbhstrat, Mar 28, 2002.

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    I need to get some new fly line this year and there are so many new types that my head is spinning. I also just build a new 4 wt. rod so I am also debating on getting one line that will work for both my 5 wt and my 4-wt rods (note that both rods are 9' Pac Bay IM6 rods, the 5 wt is a 4 piece that I use for travel and back packing). Would it be better to use 4 wt. or 5 wt. line for both set-ups?

    Also I went to purchase the new 5 wt. multi tip line (not available in 4 wt - the 5 wt has one floating tip and 3 levels of sink tip), the other day and the fly shop steered me away from them. They said that they do not perform the same as a single section line. I hate wind knots and tippet hang-ups so if the multi section lines even occasional cause problems then I would prefer to stay away from them.
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    a good line weight for both rods would be a WF 5#, I have that on my 4# because it loads better than a 4# line and I can still make small accurate casts. A good rule of them when determining line weight, is that it is usually fine to go up a size in a WF line, you may have to slow down your casting stroke a tad, but going down a size won't give you enough weight to load your rod properly, meaning you won't be able to throw your line quite as fine. Also don't go for a DT 5# for your 4# because that could be too much line and again your distance could suffer.
    hope that this helps and good luck

    steve s