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I bought a Sage RPLX nine foot nine weight. I have it used and im wondering how much they sold for new. I cant seem to find it anywhere online.
I bought an RPL in 1990 for $380, new at a fly shop. It is a 6 wt.; still have it and fish it. Your rod would have been around the same but slightly higher. Hope that helps.


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I picked up a RPLX (it may be a RPLXI but I'm not sure) 7wt 9' 5 piece on eBay in Aug for $375. It is a great looking rod and a joy to cast but it likes a 8wt line. I know this does not answer your Question but I feel like I got a great rod for a fair price.


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oldest catalog i have is Kmann 1998 and they were selling the 2 piece XI for $480, 3 piece for $530.
The one I linked to must have been early 2000's. Notice the TCR was available. To go from 480 and 530 to 520 and 570'ish in 3-5 years does not surprise me.