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  1. Once our second child arrived, I lost my fly tying room... Until the addition is completed, this stuff sits in my garage.

    Trout of North America, dry foam mounted and has aluminum frame, the glass is broken and the frame is rough as it fell down, but the foam board is decent and could make a nice wall display. $10, no shipping.

    Trout Valley Farm, solid oak frame, double beveled matte, nice piece $25.

    Come Early, Fish Late, key board. $20

    Sport and Commercial Fish of North America, looks like a vintage print $20

    Decorative Wall Shelf with three coat pegs, $20

    Ideally, I'd like to sell it all to one person face to face, make me an offer for all the pieces.

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    Hey, some of this stuff sounds familiar! Make sure it all goes to some retired guy this time who won't lose his tying rooms like we did.
  3. Its amazing how much baby and kid stuff accumulates, alot faster than fishing and boating gear thats for sure!
  4. Make me an offer folks, trades considered...
  5. $60 for all of it, meeting face to face...
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