fly tying vise and misc. materials

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Jerry Daschofsky

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If he doesn't get back to you, let me know. Am interested. Have a friend who's interested in starting to tie, and his Bday is coming up. Email me and I'll hook up with you.

Can you also give me an idea of what type of hooks/supplies you have? Just curios so I know if I would have to buy some more stuff for him for his kit in case your first guy falls through.

Thanks Jerry
selling all my tying materials

For sale:
Dyna-king kingfisher with pedestal base (orig. $99)
misc. tools, bobbin, bobbin threader, scissors, hackle pliers, hair stacker, (2) whip finishers, etc. (approx. $50)
feathers, threads, dubbing, hooks, etc. (approx. $125)
trim bag and hook/hackle gauge

the whole set up for: $175 firm.

I'll even throw in a griffin superior 2A vise with c-clamp brand new, still in box - and 'Tying Trout Flies' spiral-bound book written by C. Boyd Pfeiffer ($25)

I live on the Sammamish Plateau, but work in downtown Seattle, will meet you anywhere in Seattle Metro area.
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