FS Fly Tying Vise and Supplies - will divide $50/$125

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    I have a Superior Fly Tying Vise, Model 2A. It comes with the original instructions for $50. (Ignore the box - that goes with my wife's vise.) Online price is $65 plus shipping. If you want just the supplies, it will cost $100. For $125, you get everything.

    Superior Fly Tying Vise
    Hackle Plier
    Whip Finisher
    Two Standard Bobbins
    5/32 eyes
    Assorted yarns and threads
    Dubbing Wax
    Assorted hooks, size 8, 12, 14, 16
    Black and Green Saddle Hackle
    Olive and Black Marabou
    Silver and Pearl Flash Krystal
    Black Saddle Hackle
    Black V-Rib
    Peacock Herl
    Krystal Flash Silver
    Krystal Flash Pearl

    Located in Snohomish, Washington. Please contact me with any questions.

    fly tying vise half.jpg gly tying gear half.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.