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The new guy is again requesting information. What is worth fishing in December (if anything is open) in the Tacoma area?? I will have a new 8wt that needs to be broken in. Any input on places and fish would be greatly appreciated. Being in the military and all there is alot of time off over the holidays - I plan on Fishing, but have no idea where to go. Any Ideas??

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find yourself some access to the Nisqually River and bend your rod on some Chum. It's been along time since I've been down to that fishery, but take the Mounts Rd. exit and on the R.H. side of the road, just before you cross the river, was a area that you used to need a military pass to park. fish either above or below the bridge. that place was where I got hooked on river fishing, the chum were in there so thick it seems like I took 2 fish home every day for the entire months of Dec. and Jan. and released just as many. Hopefully you will get some more recent reports as this was in the late 80's to early 90's. Pound for pound Chum are in mt opinion one of the hardest fighting fish we have around here. :THUMBSUP


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OUTSTANDING! I will definately make it a point to check that out. I have been wanting to catch a chum for a long darn time - now I will be in the place to do so. Are there any steelhead that can still be caught that time of year?

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Well this is a hard one. Luv2 fishing for steelhead in dec takes time I Would go with the Skykomish.But it is a matter of river flow etc.I did have a good time meeting you on the river at Ben Howard I was the guy with the new Lamiglas. Well good luck your going to need it !! PS go pink and hit the chums !!


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Rimmy - I dont think that was me that you met out there. I still live in Kansas. I dont get to Washington until December.

I will check out the Sky. Thanks for the info

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