Food for the Hoh Down.

Jerry Daschofsky

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LOL guys. I'm with Evan. Grew up eating spicy. So for me I love the taste heat has with it. Not a problem though. I'm more worried on the shellfish. Thursday night may be a low country boil. I would have to do two pots anyways if I did. So could do one standard (which has heat) and a 1 star wimp pot. LOL

Ed Call

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More stars, clear skies! Clear skies, cooler temps. Cooler temps, better flows. Better flows, better fishing. Better fishing, happy anglers. Happy anglers, better stories. Better stories, more beer. More beer, more stars.

Bring in the four star pot, seems like that can bring it all together and around again.

Ed Call

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Bitterroot, I'm listening to the Big Burn right now on my commute to and from work. So do you think it was Jerry D that sparked the first blaze in 1910? I was a bit worried that my cooking canopy would go up in flames last year!


Love vintage graphite!
Actually, this is a 1910 photo of Patrick Grogan (in the white apron) in Avery, Id. He was hired to cook for the fire crews during the big burn.