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I've been checking maps & Lakes of Washington reference book and was wondering if any of you have experience with the small lakes and Beaver ponds just east of Carnation? Loop lake, the large marsh areas on Griffin creek, Hull lake all look like reasonable places to do some float tubing. Mud and Black lake have reportedly been okay with an occasional large fish according to a guy who's information I can trust. Weigh in if you have any info you're willing to share & thanks! Zane


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A word for the wise-

Ponds, beaver ponds, and streams not listed in special regs do not open until june 1st. Also griffin creek itself is closed yearround to all fishing so you should be cautious to only fish waters that are legal (i.e. named ponds in open season). As far as fishing goes, many of these hold populations of resident cutthroat in the 6-12 inch range but fishing is not very consistent.
hope that helps.
I thought it wise to check the Reg's for 2003/04 and there is no restriction mentioned for Griffin Creek? Also worth noting, Ponds (unless clearly Beaver ponds) are open year round according to the pamphlet. "Named" ponds isn't mentioned either? Maybe the WDFW posts these things that aren't stated in the fishing regulations somewhere else but I also check special rules / closures/ etc from time to time so am really baffled about the Griffin creek closure (is it true?) Anyway, my question is targeted to the small ponds and lakes in the general vicinity of Carnation and the foothills areas within a 10 mile proximity. I have read posts in another site and know a couple folks that occasionally fish in this area and one of the lakes I mentioned earlier has 5 lb. Bows although they aren't plentiful. Anyone able to solve the Griffin Creek mystery? Thanks



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I've never seen anything that says Griffin is closed. My cousin has some property right on the creek, but I haven't fished it. It looked pretty shallow and small when I was up there, with not a lot of holding water.
There are some nice lakes up that way that do hold a good population of trout. However, the main access to that area is thru the old Weyerhauser property which is closed until the sale of the land goes thru. Even then there is no guarantee the new owners will open it to the motorized public. That doesn't mean you can't hoof or bike it back in there. My experience has been that Loop has some nice fish in it just not the numbers. Black has some spectacular hatches, but with prior years easier access the bait and take boys raped it. You can find an occasional hog that managed to escape pink marshmallows. Mud lake has a nice population of bass thanks to the bucket biology guys. I hear of some people getting a few trout out of it still. Lynch Lake is full of smallish cutts with the possibility of an occasional 12-14 incher thrown in just for giggles. I think all the lakes I named are also open year round. The Bridges/Boyle lakes have special regs and limited season. If you find a way back to this area keep it a secret and enjoy! Good Luck!:thumb
Loop Lake is really a giant beaver pond but is considered a lake. It has been a while since I have fished it but it does have some nice brookies. Though it always seemed they ended up on the wrong side of a log. I quess that's
why they were nice brookies.
Another lake worth looking at and it really is no secret is Klaus Lake. It is probably about a mile and a quarter, now walk from the spur 10 gate off the county road. Pretty flat going. This is not an easy lake to fish. The cuts, bass and perch are all naturally spawning fish. There are some very respectable cuts and bass in the lake. the perch are nice sized too. I have personally taken cuts in there up to 24 inches. Most will run 14 to 16 inches. A wet line or sink tip is the way to go and use something big. Muddler minnows, big wooley worms, leeches, got the idea. When the lake is turning on don't expect more than a strike per hour during the day. A lot of people get skunked on that lake. It used to have a 14 inch min and I don't know if that is still in effect. I pretty much play a total c&r on that lake but will keep a bleeder. I never take or seriously injure more than two fish. For the record that is the lake severaly years ago that made me buy a wet line. A floating line is almost worthless most of the time. Good luck and don't fish the inlet and outlet water
of the three lakes in the chain they are closed water.
You can see a big lump of mountain just to the NW of spur 10 gate. The lake lies about a quarter mile or so to the west. A road goes all the way in to the south end.
Boyle and Bridges are the other lakes in this chain and lie to the north. Both of these lakes hold nice fish too. But all three are a challenge. The inlet and outlet water being the creek between the lakes and exiting to the south of Klaus.
If you go in there look for the loons. They have been nesting in there the last three or four years.
Now you know where it is, all you have to do is figure out how to fish it.
When I get time to make a wheeled carrier for my canoe I will lug in. The effort is worth the rewards.
Give us a post if you go in. By the way there is no bank fishing to be had.
ps guys thanks for the kind words more that I deserve, and Roper I am on my poor old knees doing penance as ordered
Just one more tidbit of info: if a lake has active beavers on it, WDFW considers it a beaver pond whether named or not. This has been confirmed.

I only asked about the land around Carnation but you'll notice Potholes Resevoir is listed under "special regs" which supercedes "general regs" in case you are being serious.

Some real good info & thanks to the contributors, especially wetlines! I may pedal my Mtn bike in there with f. tube, fins, & gear and see what happens. Hope to do that this weekend & will pass some info & hopefully a success story picture back to you guys afterward.
Troutski or any one else. If gong into Klause or the other two lakes,be sure to look at a good map or check it out on terra server. There is a road to the lake but it is not obvious! And as for beavers there are a lot of lakes with beavers and they are lakes legally. I could probably list ten quickly. As for Loop I believe the beavers mysteriously dissappered a few years back. And no I was not involved with that one! I don't like beavers for a lot a real good reasons!

Wet Line,
I really don't mean to try and open a whole new can of worms but, aside from damage inflicted upon a house built in a poorly chosen location (ie in the floodplain), what else could be a 'good reason' for not liking beavers.

IMO beavers create some of the most amazing habitats in our lovely temperate world. Not to mention creating places where brookies and cutts can reach sizes far exceeding those found in our sterile westside rivers and creeks.



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OOPS- Double checked the regs.
I guess griffen creek is open. I dont know why i thought it was closed but I swear I read that somewhere. It used to be though.:beer2

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I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

I was curious of your answer. According to the "regs" it doesn't open until the first of June. Page 56 under seasons. Unless there is something that I'm not reading. But I believe that it don't open until June 1.

Now first off I totally agree with about what fine habitat beavers make for trout. But those miserable rodents should be made to post dam building activity. A couple of years ago I was working up a favorite creek when whoa a new beaver dam! I'll just bypass it to get where I am going. Bad choice, muck up to my crotch and then a patch of devils club that seemed about a hundred miles long. No option but to go through or turn around and slime through the mud. How many devils club needles have you pulled out! Then it was a long windy course back to my rig through uncharted territory. Oh what fun! Then there was the cotton wood treee that fell down directly behind my truck on a moose hunt. That was several hours of work. Thankfully the tree didn't do any damage. Then there are those troughs they dig out of the bottom to get mud I guess. I cann't count the times I found one that wasn't there last year. These are but a few reasons. I go fishing to relax and enjoy. Not to check out what the only creature other than man has been doing to change the topography of the planet.