For those starting out with poppers..

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Van BT's, May 5, 2011.

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    This is an excellent site to acquire some of the stuff we love to use down south. A lot of folks I've spoken to up here only have a few poppers from wal-mart and are somewhat lost when it comes to warm water fish. Truth be told, almost anything that makes noise or flashes or looks natural will take a bass. I fish exclusively with a small selection of wolly buggers and a lot of the bugs from this website. Bigger isn't always better, and my most successful pattern for bass is a size 12 chartreuse bream popper. Feel free to pm me with any questions, and hope this link is helpful!
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    Here's a couple other options. The durability of these take the sting out of the pricing.

    Ain't cheap but they sure are purdy...

    Walt's got some good color combo's..

    Might wanna stick a couple hard mason weed guards on them so you can toss them anywhere and not get hung up. Nothing sweeter than a bass coming up through a gob of weeds and nailing your popper!