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    Can't sleep, and have some downtime right now to get my mind off things. So thought I'd post this up really quick before I get back to the family.

    If you took any pics this weekend (camera or cell camera) please email them to me so I can put them on our PHWFF page. My daughter took a bunch, but there's always a shot you may miss.

    [email protected]

    Thank you all for a successful 2 Fly.
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    It was an excellent time from my point of view. I was able to fish thursday with a friend, friday with Skyler and James from JBLM and saturday with two other vets that live in the Portland area. The camping was fun, the weather was nice, and the fishing was really good.
    YOUR breakfast was hearty and delicious, the dinner was so good i had seconds.... dessert was great too( seconds on that obviously).
    The friendly strangers ..... everybody doing the 'meet and greet' was an inviting atmosphere, and i learned alot about fly fishing while enjoying my cocktail. Chuck was a great MC, the event was well orchestrated and balanced.

    I think James was using real flies and nymphs... I am going to take a closer look at his fly boxes next time out. ;)

    I'm In. 2014
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