For those who know the Scadden frameless boats ...

A couple of quick questions .
I finally recieved my Scadden boat a little while ago . I bought the boat from my buddy who lives in Panama and is too afraid of crocodiles to use it there .:eek: It took a loooong time to get my hands on the boat , and the 1st time I went to use it , I discovered that he shipped it without the foot rest .

So , can anybody tell me if the foot rests are boat specific , or are they a one-size-fits-all kind of arrangement ? And , does anybody know if I can purchase one from Dave (I`ve emailed - with no response , and they are not listed on his accessory page), or anywhere else ?

And , I`ve read here about the oar upgrades . Which oars , specifically , are folks upgrading to ? Is it a worthwhile upgrade ? So far , I`ve only had it out on stillwaters , but its intended use will be for my annual trip to the Skeena tribs , and I really want to have this boat ready for a few Thompson drifts - after she drops another 15 feet or so .

TIA , Brian

Rob Ast

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Brian, might help to know which boat you have. As far as the foot rests go Mumbles and I both ditched them, ran some shackles through the rubber mountings, and stretched some webbing between them. This allows you to adjust the length to exactly where you want it - as a taller guy I found the included foot bar way too close making it impossible to row without hitting my knees. If you have the included aluminum oars then yes, either the sawyer composite oars or the carbon fiber oars are a good upgrade. You may be able to find similar oars for cheaper then Dave sells them and drill them to fit - Mumbles runs cataract mini-mags and I know you can find sawyers at various sites.

Jim Ficklin

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I use the original bar, but I added an extra carabiner on each side with a piece of light chain in-between the 'biners so I can adjust it. I also went with Scadden composites that are a shade longer than the aluminum oars. The presence of crocs/gators would sour me on using anything inflatable, also. Using webbing versus the bar is a great idea!

Alex MacDonald

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Yep, saltwater crocs in the estuaries. Nasty, nasty things. We dealt with the occasional saltie in the Rung Sat and the tip of the Mekong delta; long, long ago, in a galaxy far away.

Watermasters come with webbing, but after seeing Ed and Lonnie's new Scaddens with the PVC bar over the webbing, I think it might be easier to slide your boots over and onto that arrangement.


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I'm in the same situation with my Renegade. I'm thinking of fashioning my own foot bar but need to know how long they are. Called NFO and they didn't have any in stock and didn't know. So, is there anyone who has one who would mind measuring it and posting the length?

Thanks in advance.


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We did the chain and bar with the S carabiner.

Down side, and being honest from major use, the Carabiner will cut into the rubber bar holder. Plus it is harder to pick it up to your shoulders

We went the extra effort using an eye bolt through the holder with washers. Now I prefer the stock bar, go figure. But I just rest the back of my leg on it while rowing.

For the record, the stock bar for the Renegade is 32" long. If you make a bar, you might want to go 28" or 29" long with the chain, and 30" without so it doesn't cut into the sides.

You can also use a cam strap.


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Thanks so much for the reply. That's really helpful I've currently got a strap on it but am wanting to try a bar as I'm not all that thrilled with the strap. I kind of like having something solid to place my feet on.

Brian Miller

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Is there any possibility of the end of the foot rest bar that could possibly get roughed up coming into contact with and damaging a tube? If so any thought to using rubber crutch feet available at hardware stores to fit over the ends of the bar to protect the tubes and drill out a hole in the crutch feet for the locking carabiner to pass through? If concerned about water accumulating in the tube drill a few small holes along the length of the tube to let water drain out? Just a thought/

Thanks so much for the reply. That's really helpful I've currently got a strap on it but am wanting to try a bar as I'm not all that thrilled with the strap. I kind of like having something solid to place my feet on.
Being able to either just rest my feet on the strap or have something relatively solid to brace my legs against for rowing is one reason I like the closed bow of (the Assault or) my Water Master.


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Good idea Brian. I smoothed mine out so no way it could cause damage, nor come in contact with the toons when hooked up to both sides.

You all know that the bar on the new models is not the bar with S carabiners, right? It is a solid bar with tabs at both ends.

fly dds

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Dave doesn't respond to email, until you tell him your an unhappy every time. Just call him and he will help you with anything you need. I got a renegade with the stock oars. I've run lots of rivers with no need for upgraded oars, but they would be nice. Love their stuff.