For un-relaxed builders who aren`t "naturals"

That would be me.
But I just found something important out
Right now,I`m 1/2 way thru my 5th flyrod.
It`s a Mesier combo Spey [12`6"]
Single [9`3" 6wt].
What happened in my learning curve is that I removed the anxiety.I can do this by multi-tasking,taking breaks frequently but mainly by recognizing that it is there.
In me,anyhow.

Up til now,I`ve been so concerned about epoxy drying out on me,for example, that I rushed thru.
I let sloppy work go.["get it done before the damn stuff hardens"] and it showed up in the end product.
Way too much goop on the guide feet,etc...

Since I was building for myself only,it only really matters to me but I`m not real proud of that.
I`m happier this way...maybe I`ll post the final product...
Don't rush with the final step to your new custom rod! Is your epoxy in the packets? If so, wait and use two. I bought Flex Coat in 4 oz bottles and can mix enough for an entire rod or one fixer guide. I made the mistake of using an old package of Flex Coat once and it didn't totally cure. Never again! I apply one thin coat of high build and hand rotate every 15 minutes for about 2.5-3 hours.
I`m using Threadmaster regular on asdvise of the great Bob Meiser.
I fill two 8cc syringes and squeeze out 2 cc od each at a time,making 4 cc per rod section.Works great and this goo beats everything else I`ve tried.
BTW,I`m still waiting to hear about TM One"-the one part stuff.
Anyone tried this?
And tx for the advise on old packets...never used them though...
Epoxy is always the step I lose my mind on. I haven't built a rod for a year, but am getting the itch again. I'm determined to take breaks every couple of guides to relax, since I always push through and end up frustrated at some point.

Jimmy at Patricks is going to be trying out UV cured rod building epoxy that might be pretty cool and is supposed to cut the dry time to nothing. I'm interested to see how it comes out. I've just got to get him to build a rod and try it out.


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What I have seen from an experienced rod builder, with the rod turning by a motor, was he loaded the epoxy on generously, covered what he wanted to cover and then took some off until he go the "right amount", as opposed to trying to creep up on the right amount by adding a little at a time.

Curious to know what everyone else does.

I enjoy the rod building process until the epoxy. A rod building pal of mine suggested I have Gregs custom rods finish the epoxy as it's $15-25 per rod. That makes the worst part about the epoxy being the drive to/from Lake Stevens, and I'm cool with that.
Jay, I'm the same way. I use a motor and put on what I think is enough (sometimes generously) epoxy, and slowing pull off the excess. I use a knitting needle from the thrift store to apply and remove epoxy. When removinge I wipe off the needle with an alcohol rag.