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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. Chris Scoones

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    In light of recent discussions I'm going to start displaying a few straight forward rules. They will be added on to as needed.

    One account. If you have a 2nd let me know and I can merge the two together. A 2nd account to stir it up without the repercussions to your regular ID and both go bye bye.

    Non Fishing Related posts are accepted on the main board. I'd appreciate it being realized that this is a fly fishing forum, so NFR threads / posts should be the exception. Please indicate NFR post with (NFR) before the title. It'll assist those only interested in FR topics to blow by them easily and helps with my efforts to remove them when they are a few months old and out of view. If individuals are found to only be posting up NFR threads, they will be shown the door so they can find a more applicable board to use somewhere else.

    When at odds, debating the idea is perfectly appropriate but attacking the member is not.

    Respect the moderators. If you have a suggestion, concern or issue, approach it respectfully or if needed take it offline in a PM to one of us. Attacking, undermining or otherwise being disrespectful towards the mods will be dealt with without consideration of one's activity level.

    Political discussions have no place on the board unless it's in direct relation to the impact of a fishery.

    No spam. This includes promotion of other sites as well as sales, marketing or research. As for sites, that's what the directory area on this site is for.
    FF'ing clubs and groups like TU & FFF clubs, Hi-Lakers, Washington Trout, American Rivers, Ho River Trust, WSC, and other non-profits looking out for our fisheries are exempt from this rule. So are FF'ing clubs and the site sponsors for event based sales posts in the classifieds forum and event notifications in the main forum.
    When you come across inappropriate content or behavior, take a deep breath, scroll to the bottom and click the REPORT feature. Please don't add further fuel to the fire. The moderators will get the notice and take action.
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  2. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Gun debate threads are now done until further notice. Not all NFR, just politics based ones like gun control, etc. The Paris thread was ok, but was towing the line on being political. Political posts aren't allowed, and unfortunately these type posts just go there. The California shooting post simply got ridiculous.

    My Dad always said there were two things you never talked about amongst friends, religion and politics. Anymore these posts are involving both, and the debates turn into jabs back and forth.

    If and when this happens again, a post saying prayers or giving condolences are fine. Debates will lock it down. There are plenty of political websites to do that on. Don't bring down the board with it.

    Thank you!
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