Found - Fly Rod and Reel on the Upper Yakima

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
Pardon my French, sashjo, but you're full of shit. No self-respecting guide would fish another man's rod, and feel good about it. There are rules, implied or otherwise. Second, following your logic, your "perfect condition" rod fished by the guide for two years would hardly be in that condition. In fact, this found rod was safely stored awaiting the owner's reply - I would have waited much longer, regardless of the brand of rod.

Accordingly, while returning from a multi-day hike down Paria Canyon to Lee's Ferry, as my wife and I came around a bend in road on the way back to the main highway, we found two very high-end rods and reels, still strung-up. Likely, on the roof of the car and forgotten. Turned it in at the small fly shop at the intersection, knowing for sure that the rod's owners would look there for them. I have no idea if they were ever reunited, but the moral of the story is the same.


Ed Call

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Yes, I don't know how long the rod was in the water. I did hold onto my tube and rod sack for almost two years. I still have that rod. The guide who found my rod told me that he had been fishing my rod. Maybe he was joking? However, the rig was returned with a different but used line! Why would a guide do that if they were not fishing my rod?

Later, I noticed the price of the same used rod advertised by a fly shop was equal to the amount that I paid to the guide to return my rig. Reward or Ransom for my rods safe return?

BTW, I hire guides to float float the Yak a few times per year. You will never get the pleasure because I am selective who I fish with. You don't sound like any of the Orvis guides I know. Stan would never tell a client that he was FOS.
I'm selective with whom I fish too. Please scratch me off your list. Derek is on my list and is a man of high character and integrity. He did a good thing here and it seems anyone can read that but you. You've let your unfortunate experience taint your ability to see this for what it is, someone finding and returning a lost item to its rightful owner. Your characterization that something else happened here is just off track. Thanks again for scratching me off your list. Nothing personal, I'm just selective with whom I invest my precious fishing time.