Free Chironomid Clinic Friday/Saturday March 25th and 26th


Indi "Ira" Jones
I've been talking about it, and now I'm going to make it happen.

Disclaimer! I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but for the last 10 or 11 years I've dedicated a majority of my fishing time to understanding how to fish these bugs. With that, has come some patterns and some know how. Mostly I just want to help out.

I'd like to open this clinic up to anyone who would like to attend, expert or not, with a focus based on the level you walk in with. Although if you are expert or talented, I will put you immediately to work helping others.

Agenda Friday Night in Everett at my place unless we have a huge number who want to attend, and then I'll find a more appropriate setting: Say 6:00 PM or so.

1. Talk about general techniques including leaders, knots, depths, locations, etc..
2. Practice above knots
3. Tie! Bring your vise and I'll give you a partial list of materials (I'm going to look into some general donations) and we will tie up some of my favorites and some of the other members favorites.
4. On going drinking and eating, this will be Bring your own, maybe we can potluck it.
5. Door prizes! I have a few to more old chironomids that I plan to give away, others are welcome to bring theirs as well. Maybe we could even do a chironomid swap.

Agenda Saturday:

We fish! It has to be Pass Lake for me because I'll be dropping my boy off at his grandmas place in Mount Vernon.

Sign up now, no limit.

PM me or just post here if you have any questions..


Active Member
Kudos to you Ira for hosting and organizing this event. I'm sure that many anglers both new and seasoned will learn something new!


Indi "Ira" Jones
Ira, good for you doing this, all Newbies should take advantage of what you are offering.
Or otherwise. I think this could be a great time for people of all skill levels to learn more, including myself. I'll just host and present but from there, I expect others to chime in appropriately, although I'm not looking for people to debate me as I will simply be stating what works for me, not what is the best.

I'm liking more and more the idea of having a chironomid exchange where veterans and newbies alike bring their bugs and trade with those that might be willing to do so. I'd also like people to bring their boxes and just show them off.

If this pans out, I'll make it an annual deal.

Well DAMN!! I am stuck on this tugboat in Alaska for a 40 day hitch which is due to end, wouldn't ya know it, the 25th of Mar. Occasionally due to weather or vessel/port logistics I get off a few days one side or the other of the written date. I would LOVE to attend, least the first night. I have the understanding wife in the universe, I will have to make it up to her but I bet she says ok. Hope to make it.

I"d be happy to cook some good grub and bring it along, I'll do a double check with my clients to see if I can make myself free and join in. i'll follow up mid next week with confirmation.