Pattern Full Meal Deal

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    Mar 20, 2004
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    Hook= 79580 #4

    thread- orange 6/0

    Underbody/rear egg sac= black foam strips doubled
    rear legs- black rubber
    Body 2nd layer= Polar Orange brite blend dubbing then
    loosely cover this with wraps of dull or burnt orange poly or wool to give a segmented look.

    Sit back ,have a cold drink and then you can begin finishing this thing. :::

    Wing= white or grey poly or cut a wing from foam mesh. Deer or elk hair over that.

    Thorax= Black Large Ice chenille, over which is black with yellow foam ( about 1/4" wide). on top tyed down with two distinct orange rings of thread., black rubber for the legs from rear ring (overly long).Trim overlapping front black foam to shape.