Fun day chasing smallies Saturday

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    Checked the internet to see what the wind conditions would be for the day. Wind gusts to 25mph ruled out fishing the Stevenson area. I checked further east and found that the Dalles area had 5 to 10mph winds. The Dalles area it would be. After running errands in the morning, I packed my gear and hit the road. Heading east on I-84, I was starting to wonder if I would get any fishing in at all. The Columbia was full of whitecaps. I made it to my destination and discovered flat water. There was not a person to be found on the water. There were other vehicles in the parking lot, but they were busy chasing trout on the larger of the two lakes.

    It took about thirty minutes, but I found the bass wanted a brown Simiseal leech towards the bottom. I was using a high density sink line. Most of the bass I was catching were ten to twelve inch males. I caught most of them using a quick two to three inch twitch. My better half called me while I was out in the pontoon. That turned out to be monumental. While talking to her on the phone, I was letting the wind blow me along the shoreline. I got a nice strike and landed a fifteen inch smallie. After hanging up the phone after our conversation, I continued fishing using the wind to drift along the shoreline. I landed all of my larger fish, including a seventeen and a half inch scrapper, using this method.

    Just when I thought it could not get any better, the wind all but quit around 7:30. It was time to swap to a floating line and see if the fish would start looking up. I tied on a Dahlberg Diver and went to work. WHAT A GREAT TIME I HAD. The smallies obviously hated my fly because they were trying to kill the thing. Most were in the twelve inch range, but I managed to land a fourteen inch smallie. A good weed guard was a must for what I was doing. I would cast right into a tree along the shoreline, and drop it into the water. If I did not get a strike when it hit the water, I would strip the fly as fast as I could. I had bass coming completely out of the water after that Dahlberg. If there were no trees near by, I would cast onto shore and strip the fly back to me. That got me some very aggressive strikes. I did not want to leave, but it was getting too dark for me to see what I was doing. I have to admit, I probably missed four to five strikes for every hook up I had.

    I had been waiting for quite a long time for the weather to cooperate with my schedule. I may try to get out again today. Almost forgot, I checked the water temp when I first got to the lake around 12:30. It was 64 degrees. I was too busy to bother checking later in the day. I am sure it warmed up a couple of degrees.

    Next week I will be going back home to Boise to spend a couple of weeks with my family. My daughter and I are taking two days to fish for large bluegills at the lake I rented a cabin at. We will also be hitting my "home" lake for smallies and crappie. If the crappie are on the beds, my daughter is going to have a blast. She loves seeing the fish take her fly.

    This was by far the best fishing trip of the year to date. My only regret was not having someone to come along with to talk smack. It is almost always better to fish with a good friend or two. I hope you all have multiple days this year like I had Saturday.

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    Nice story Shawn. I would like to learn where to find some bass, especially in the summer as it gets real hot around here. I am heading to Tennessee in a couple of weeks to visit my folks. They live on Dale Hollow Reservoir, so it will be smallie fishing time. That lake gets real hot, so most of the fishing is done in the early morning hours, and then it is tubing with the kids.

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    Nice report
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    Very nice report Shawn and I agree that a fishing buddy to share the experience makes it even more enjoyable. I imagine you and your daughter have that situation taken care of in Idaho. Tight lines with the bream, uh, bluegill.