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    Your overhead garage door can be easily opened by inserting a wedge at the top center of the garage door, inserting a homemade wire device that snags the safety release on the traveler and in a few seconds your door can be quietly opened.

    You can prevent this with a simple plastic tie. Tie off the safety release. In the event of power failure you cut the plastic tie and your safety release is operable.

    Almost daily I notice cars and trucks slowing down to look in when my garage door is open, when they see me they drive off. If I am not right there my garage door is down.
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    I was perusing the lost/found forum and came upon this. Made me think about the time one year ago when I know I closed the door before I went up to bed, but found it wide open the next morning and my laptop, radios, camera and fishing gear all gone.

    Thanks for the tip. I too notice people glancing at the garage these days, walking or driving by. I'm more careful now, but will look at securing that release lever....thanks.