Get into building or no?

So a couple questions with a lil explanation first. A buddy and I are getting deeper and deeper into this sport. Awhile ago we started tying are own flies due to price of store bought ones and boredom in winters. Now that I have gotten better at casting I'm wanting to replace and grow my collection of rods. Seems like the next reasonable step is to start building my own. Since no classes in my area do you guys know of a quality movie that I can learn everything from? Would it be worth me trying with out going to a class? Also what would the best rod size be for a first build? Thank you so much for the help
My advice is, you should build rods because you think it might be enjoyable. Ultimately, it's more time and resources than fly tying, and the first one is not going to be great. Also, if it breaks, there may be a warranty on the blank, but not on the work you did.
Classes are good, mudhole offers a free dvd with every kit you purchase.
For your first build, I'd do something as basic as you can find... single handed, 9ft.
And remember to make it cheap, cause it's your first outing.
j. stockard also has quite a bit of stuff. i plan on building a spey rod for my senior project, so my first one will be a very cheap single hand rod. practice makes perfect!
An excellent book for a beginner is Building a Custom Graphite Fly Rod by Skip Morris. I checked on Amazon and they have (1) available, used but in very good condition for $12.00. Skip's books are some of the best instructions for fly tying and rod building I've seen, especially for beginners. In my opinion a good book is far better than a video, the other information above is also good advice. A hands on class or experienced builder would be good but not necessary. It can develop into an expensive habit. Good Luck!!!
I was going to suggest, How we do it by Flexcoat. I bought the Business Starter kit for less than $170. It comes with a book and a video. If you are lke me, and don;t learn well from a book, then the video is great. Keep in mind that, they build a spinning rod but, the basics constructions are the same. Then search the internet for articles on attaching ferrules unless your blank is glass or graphite. And don't forget to wrap the female ferrules
search utmost enterprises. they have a closeout section and often times killer deals, especially if youre building a first rod and it may not end up great. I Havent taken a class, or read a book, ive built about 5 rods off heavy heavy internet research and working slowly and carefully. A book would be a great idea, has a lot of good articles and very skilled builders active on the forum.
Thank you all for your replies. I feel better about attempting building. To be honest I'm flat out excited. Tyler, beautiful stuff on your site. Rob, you recomend a 9 foot 5 wt. I would like a rod in this size. Just for curiositys sake, why this size? Is it harder to build lighter or heavier rods?

Rob Ast

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Heavier rods aren't a problem, but as you go smaller I find it is harder to wrap the guides on a thinner, more flexible blank. Save the frustration until you get better.
I just got done with my first rod about 3 days ago, it is a 7 1/2 4wt RX7. I am a day into a 7'0 3wt tiger eye blank. Its spendy to round everything up but starting a check list helps. I was told to pick up "Fly rod building made easy" by Art Scheck. I got one for $13.99 after shipping and its a step by step book to walk you through it and everything you will need. I would start with one of the blank size that you would use and save you favorite size for last, most of everything that you do to the rod can be redone or fixed.