Getting a new Kayak fishy

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Kcahill, Sep 19, 2013.

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    I wanted to head out for some saltwater fishing this morning but I ended up getting up late and while having my morning coffee saw some fish splashing around on the lake and decided to give it a shot. The water temperature had come down below 65 with the cooler nights (but not by much) and there were some small hatches going on. I saw a few large tan nymphs struggling and quickly getting eaten, everything from perch to the rainbows were getting in on the struggling bugs.

    I didnt have anything tan but had some olive flies about the same size that worked fine, I picked up a couple of decent rainbows and some pretty nice LMB. If I would have had a tan fly (with a little bit of orange...) or an intermediate line I would of done better but it was still fun.

    Fishing out of the kayak was interesting I can see I am going to need a hand paddle for positioning while fishing but fighting and netting fish were a lot easier than I thought. I did have one little bass slip out of my hand after i removed the hook and trying to get him out of the kayak was fairly entertaining.

    All in all not a bad day and I imagine over the next week with temps in the 50's at night forecast still water fishing will be picking back up.
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    Nice! What kind of kayak is it? Since selling my boat I've been thinking of getting a kayak.

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