Getting out of flyfishing

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Yes, its true, hard to believe but Im selling everything:

Sage XP's $125 4,5,6,7,8 wts all 4 piece with warranty card and mint tubes
Loomis GLX in 3,4,5,6,7,8 wts $150 each, lifetime warranty
TFO TiCrx $50 each, 5,6,7 wts
Hardy Perfects. 3.5,4" $150
Hatch reels, size trout to tarpon $200 each
Tibors, Riptide, Everglades $150 each
Spring Creek Pram $200
Watermasters $300 each, I've got 5 of them.
Bucks Bag, never used pontoon 8' with mini mags $100
2008 Clackacraft FB drift boat with galvi trailer, Cataract Oars, newly tabbed $1500
Saltwater fly fishing boat: Yamaha 4 stroke 100 hp, Boston whaler 17' Montauk $5000
Canon digital camera, worthless, as its never captured any steelhead photos. $50
Various waders: Patagonia, Simms G4, Jackets, clothing all for $200 size large

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
I'll trade you a drift boat for all of that stuff, just let me know when you want to seal the deal. I gotta go, uh, pick it up on the Yakima River. It's "structurally" sound.
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