Gig Harbor and vashon island cutthroat


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I am going to fish this area by boat this week for searuns
and was hoping someone could tell me wich flys to use
and specific areas to fish any information would be helpful


wasting your time I live in the area go to area 9 or east side whidbey near humpy hollow for pink salmon. went there this weekend landed over 10 in one morning fishing a pink clouser with teeny-400 sinking line in the tide rips. but if you really want to go and catch trout in the best salmon season in years. heres where catch decent cutts. try richmond point north of gig harbor actually in purdy on colvos passage. a point of land with lots of current,you'll see it , there will be people fishing for salmon off shore at current break. then theres southworth point,fish the right side of the point looking at land . side with ferry terminal. the next point north known as the rocks from people i know that fish it is very good at high or incoming tide,my personal favorite place, lots of structure and current.have landed them over 4 lbs when they chase candlefish to shore. good resident silvers too. flies to use small or medium candlefish flys and those pink shrimp. inch them along at medium pace. good luck have seen lots of cutts jumping out of the water at the artificial reef on the southern tip of blake island, never fished it for cutts though might be worth a try

Where is Humpy Hollow exactly? I've heard of it several times but I haven't been able to pinpoint it. All I know is that it's in the Muckleteo area.

You've given some great info for saltchuck fishing here. We all appreciate it!