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I want to glue a small piece of foam to the end of a piece of flourocarbon. Poke a hole in the foam and insert the tippet material.... maybe an 1/8 of an inch contact. Any thoughts on what might bond those best?

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Don't know what your are trying to do but you could possibly push a bit more thru and then burn the end to form a ball too big to fit back thru the hole.


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I' not real sharp on the fly tying end of things but I sorta figure those were the glue choices. The poke thru burn idea is certainly worth a try.

What I'm trying to do is suspend an emerger at a particular depth. I thought a short piece of flouro would be as invisible as it gets and the a very small piece of foam could be the micro bobber. I have seen some flies extended parachutes that do what I'm trying to do but wonder if the was an easier more reliable approach. I also want to hang below the surface lower that a parachute will work. I'm thinking if the emerger is what the fish are on the will overlook the micro bob. This is for moving water and the image is just so you can see the idea. The tippet would still be tied directly to the fly with a tiny loop knot. If I put a thingamaboober this close to a fly it would spook the fish. Call me crazy but I thought it was worth a try.... IMG_3132.JPG
with a piece of foam that small tying a nailknot slip line above it should do the trick. In addition, you'll be able to adjust the depth of your fly by sliding the knot up or down.
Or how about those little pinch-on foam strike indicators that you can buy cheaply in a fly shop, and which can be peeled off when not needed, instead of permanently affixing something to your leader?
I thought of a parasol BUT the distance from the surface is set. With a right angle set up, you can vary the depth of the fly.

It's a good suggestion. Try both and see what works better.