SBS Gluttonous Leech SBS

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Author, guide, and flygal, April Vokey

was generous enough to allow me to share this recipe and SBS for her Gluttonous Leech pattern.

silver flat braid
Polar Bear dubbing
Jungle Cock

Put your eyes on the hook.

Tie in the silver flat braid.

Put your polar bear dubbing in a dubbing loop and tie in.

Tie in two long stemmed jungle cock.

Tie in the tip of a single marabou feather and wrap the feather several times until it fans over the dubbing.

Stack (or peel and wrap for additional volume) clipped rhea fibres and stack so the fibres cover the entire diameter of the hook.

Peel a teal (or guinea, barred wood duck, gadwall, mallard, blue-eared pheasant etc) feather and hackle it over the rhea.

Tie in jungle cock cheeks. Whip-finish, dress head as desired, crack open beer.