Goats Toe

Classic Irish wet fly for Brown and Sea Trout, also been known to take a salmon or two.

Tied on heavy wet fly hook size 8

Pattern as follows
Tail: red wool
Body: Bronze Peacock Herl
Rib: Red wool
Collar: Peacock Blues

Cool pattern Eunan, nicely tied, it looks like a short colorful Carey Special. I'm not familiar with peacock blues, is that the
small blue iridescent body hackle on them?
Mark ...Here is another pattern that uses the blue peacock neck or body feathers .
Similar to the Goats Toe , the Guaranteed is a killer stillwater pattern here in B.C ,yet , it is relatively unknown .

It is a good steelhead pattern too , but don`t tell anybody :)

** I like to rib the herl portion on my bodies with silver tinsel , and I do use the acetate and acetone for the floss portion .
Thanks Brian, another interesting pattern and one I hadn't heard of. I've had some peacock blue breast feathers for some time but haven't used them for anything, in fact I'd never ran into anything that called for them....I guess us old guys can
still learn a few things, I think I'll tie a couple of those for my next lake outing....
Hey fellas. Tied a few of the "guaranteed last night. Slight variants, i used ice dub for the peacock, and did one with teal tail and one with pintail (scraps lying on my desk)
I also did one with a full hackle and one with the half stripped hackle.

Here they are. I covered the orange floss with UV resin (thick variety) to increase the life of the fly.
These will be fished. Crap Picture, but the left one has Pintail and sparse hackle. Right one has Teal and Full hackle. Both have peacock ice dub rather than herl.
Tied on size 8 heavy wet fly hook.