Good Books for Rod Builders and other stuff.

Rob Blomquist

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I wanted to post this, so that we get some of the newbies info to use. Feel free to add to what I have listed, maybe it can become the first FAQ on WFF:

The New Advanced Custom Rodbuilding by Dale P. Clemens

This is a great book for the person who wants to know more about building a rod. It will not get you through your first rod, but improve all after it.

A Guide to Building your first fly rod by Bob Widgren

A nice little introduction to building a rod, and best of all its at:

This is THE rodbuilding forum on the net. Some of the best builders in the world hang out here, and answer questions. You won't find me posting much help there, as I am just sucking it right up.

The Rodbuilding section here is gonna be great however as it will have a more local focus, and maybe even locals helping locals.



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In addition, Tom Kirkman's book on rod building and L.A. Garcia's book on graphite rods are two very good books.

Both are written with the newbie in mind.


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I have L.A. Garcia's book and it was a good basic "how to" for me on my first rod. I will probably donate it to the WFF library when Chris gets it going.