Good cleaner around camp,house,shop,etc

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    Years ago I used Windex glass cleaner for a lot of general cleanup duties including car windows, countertops and so forth. I would either buy a refill or a new spray bottle when the old one failed. Then one time I bought a bottle that no longer smelled like the Windex of my youth. It had a foul smell that I would describe as halfway between aspargus pee and acetone. That was the last dollar Windex ever made off of Ive.

    Try this instead: Take an empty gallon jug and write on it with a felt tip pen the following.
    1/2 cup ammonia
    1 pint alcohol
    1 tablespoon dish detergent
    Put the first 3 ingredients in the jug and fill with water. I have been using this formula for about 25 years now, I buy several spray bottles for about a buck apiece and keep them in each bathroom, the kitchen, my shop and always have a full one on my camping trips. It's cheap, cleans well and smells good. Very good around camp.

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