Good day on the Hoh

Thanks... neoprene is nice to fish in during the winter. I find it pretty warm.

Funny that it's "old-school' now... I still think of canvas and rubber as old school..
Nymphing was the way to go.

I tried swinging for a while, but nymphing just covers a lot more water. A pair of yarn eggs below an indicator.... LOOOONNNNGGGG drifts was the ticket. Mend, Feed, Stack, repeat.

After a while, you (kinda) stop thinking about the fish, and just have fun watching the indicator and line... seeing how long you can keep that drift going.

Jergens: You're dead on. Brazda is the man! He's just a great guy to hang out with, and the bottom line is that he puts you on the fish.

Even if I didn't get into any fish, the instruction he gives you is worth the double what he charges.