good day


diddo , hint hint, word to the wise . your fly is hung on the rung and put up, gear all nice and tidy, takes time bro,
nice pics anyways.
Man, you do get into some nice fish. Good work.

By the way, where's your cigarette? Hoping to see some smokes in the mix..


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Good grief! Here we go again. Please, please, please spare us the C&R lectures. Just tell the guy what a nice fish he caught and move on to the next post.


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I'll try to refrain myself from stating the obvious this time.

I was actually wondering what type of fish that is. Almost looks like a steelhead, or mabey a hen silver. Steelhead usually stay somewhat fresh looking though even up to spawning, and silvers get red colored. That one is almost black. Whatever it is, that has to be the darkest fish I've seen in a while.

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Coho, Isn't it? The long anal fin rules out a steelhead, too dark to see the tail spots, but it's got the white gum line of a silver. That Nema -- full of tanic acid.


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Steelhead/Silver? red cheeks I'll give you that one, but the white gums, and (very acute noticable) black inner bets on silver.