Good Dollie/Bull Trout fishing besides skagit?


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Hey fellow Flyfishermen:
I was wondering if any of you know of any good fishing for dollies or bull trout bseides the skagit drainage west of the cascades? Any input would be appreciated, or if you don't want random browsers to know about your spots email me [email protected] . Thanks and best of luck fishing. :WINK

o mykiss

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Oy vey - you must have missed previous dolly/bull trout debates on this board. Hopefully we can avoid reigniting them. Anyway, other than parts of the Skagit drainage, only selected parts of the Snohomish drainage (Sky, Wallace, Sultan, Snohomish) are even legal to fish for dolly/bull trout. Check the regs carefully.
Just check your regs. It is easy since you can only fish for dollies where they are listed. Just go through the rivers section and highlite the dolly sections. All listed areas have plenty. Other areas either don't have them or they are protected spawning areas.


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I wouldn't think about fishing anywhere not listed as open in the regs. Basically what I wondered is whether the fishing is decent in any place open besides the skagit. Is the Sky, or any of its tribs good? where? Any help appreciated.
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North Fork of the Sky have good population. But I sure some parts of the river closed to all fishing to protect their spawning area. Check regs carefully
READ the Regs! You cannot target dollies in the NF of the Sky. You can only target dollies where listed which in this case is only the main Sky.

That said, the best dolly fishing is in the Skagit, Sauk, Cascade, Whitechuck, Suiattle, etc. The dollies (except a smaller resident population)are in the saltchuck now. They move back into the river system in late summer in order to be in their spawning streams by late August/September. They come out of their spawning streams around November and hang around through February before heading back downstream to the salt again. From November to February dollies are readily available especially around spawning salmon. In the summer they are readily available legally at the mouths of their spawning streams in the rivers where they are listed.



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ALaska Is Nice Live here in the summer, you'll get tired of the dollies when your fishing for bows!
Tight Lines From Alaska
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