Good Lakes For Fly Fishing In Kitsap County

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
The trout might be a bit lethargic for the next couple of months. West side lake action should pick up again in March. Of course, maybe that's just my own experience, since Jan/Feb is usually too cold for my aging carcass to be out on a lake fishing.:(
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Bruce Baker

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For Hood Canal, Eastern Straits,, E. Jefferson, N. Mason, and W. Kitsap, you can try calling the district fish bio (Mark at 360.202.7005) or the area bio (Rick at 360.427.2003). If I get a chance I may try contacting them as well.

Bruce Baker

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For Hood Canal, E. Straits, E. Jefferson Co., N. Mason Co., and W. Kitsap Co. you can try calling the district fish bio (Mark - 360.202.7005) or area bio (Rick - 360.427.2003. For W. Jefferson Co., the district bio is Mike (360.249.1210).

If I can find out anything, I'll let you know.


Topwater and tying.
First question would be "Do you have a boat/floating device of some kind?". Most lakes in western Washington have limited to very limited bank access.


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Unlike others here that learned everything on their own through sweat, tears, and walking to school through 3' of snow up hill both ways, I encourage using the Internet to do as much research as possible. It's much better on the environment than just driving around not knowing where to even begin, and makes your personal time much more productive.

Go here to check out lakes in the state. You can target lakes according to how they are managed by WDFW.

Then go here to get an idea of tactics.

Those along with Google Maps will give you directions, driving times, lake maps , and even sample flies.