Good MT Skwala patterns??


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Heading over to do some skwala fishing (you know what I mean }( ) and was curious what others prefer for patterns???

~Patrick ><>
I use the EZ-Skwala myself.

TMC 200R
Thread to match natural
Extended body and rear underbody: Fly Foam
Front underbody/head and wing: Deer hair
Body dubbing to match naturals
Pull Deer Hair tips back on top of body and make a couple thread wraps about two eye lengths back.

Add Rubber legs, whip finish.

If this is confusing, send me your snail mail addy again and I'll send you a couple.

Ron Eagle Elk
Hey Pat,

Let's just let Crump handle it (seems like he has plenty of free time right now), then we can bum flies off of him all week long.......sound good??????

See ya out there,



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If it takes as long to get a fly from him as it does getting material, I would never see any flies :eek jk

Ya, cant wait!!! unfortunately I cant leave til thursday night so we will be rolling in late thursday roughly 10pm Washington time :beathead Looking forward to throwin some line :beer2

~Patrick ><>
Where in MT are you guys going?? I will be over in Missoula on Saturday evening, through the following week for business. Sunday is a good day for me to fish, and my drift boat is currently sitting over there. May be able to break it out of storage if yall are interested. Otherwise, I will just sleep in on Sunday to fight off the hangover from a good night of boozen with the pals over there.:beer1