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    This is a bit of a testimonial but, if you'll bear with me, you might find some info for your future use. Further, this may seem somewhat cryptic but I do not feel it would be appropriate for me to heighten anyone's expectations with what may be. Please read...

    Some may have noticed that I was having problems picking up the spey casting from my earlier posts. During this period of frustration I wrote to Sage expressing my displeasure and offering some advice for their marketing people. This past Tuesday, after he conferred with some of his people, Bruce Kirschner, President of Sage Mfg., called me to express HIS concerns over my problems. We talked at length, and though I am not at liberty to tell what all we discussed, I wish all to know that Sage does indeed have its finger to the consumer's pulse. They do hear you and they will look at customer issues with an open mind. Hopefully more will come as a result of this conversation.

    Although I was ready to give up on Sage (in part because of my own inadequacies), I will not. I am a bonafide Sage man. The concern and good will shown me by Mr. Kirschner, a true rarity nowadays, has convinced me that their corporate character is above reproach.

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    Well hows your casting going.
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    My casting still sucks, but there's always hope:AA

    I'll get it down, just going to take some time. What makes it bad is that I took up fly fishing about 30 years ago and found the traditional style easy to pick up. This spey stuff, well you know about the old dog and new tricks:DUNNO

    Darn them little smilies

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