Got a major skunk goin on...


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Very nice Dipnet, although I've yet to catch anything salty on a fly. Care to meet up on that side of the water and share misery sometime?
Hey Gary, thanks for the response!

Although I find solitary fishing very therapeutic and peaceful, I do enjoy meeting other folks with a fishy passion!

I think what I find sorta frustrating with my fly-fishing experiences in the salt lately is that I remember how things were back when I first starting fishing SRC.

That was back in the '60s. It was catch-and-keep and I and my teen-aged buddies spent a lot of time all-year-round boat-trolling the beaches of Vashon Island, the Narrows and southern Puget Sound. We found big cutties in lots of different places and every month of the year. We typically trolled "fire-cracker" herring (or sometimes herring strips) on tied 6 lb. mooching leaders and #1 hooks or spoons such as FST's, Freaks, Pearl Wobblers and Canadian Wonders. It was an amazing fishery and I just had so much fun with SRC that I didn't spend too much time on salmon.

As an aside, my working career was in the saltwater sportfishing industry and, since it was my vocation, I didn't fish too much then as recreation 'cuz it was too much "a bus-man's holiday!" Now that I'm retired I'm gettin' back to that fishing fool kid I was so many years ago!! ;)


I guess I have to stop livin' in the past and realize that the fishery is not what it used to be. But, even given that, I've been having a lot of fun re-introducing myself to fishing in general, SRC fishing a bit more and fly-fishing specifically.

Life is good!!!! :D:p:D


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Well, another day with no sign of fish on the canal.

Fished the Seabeck area again.

When I got there the water was flat but after about an hour I could see weather moving in from the northwest. The obscured sky and dark line on the water way up-canal told me that things were about to change. About half-an-hour later the wind began to whistle through the trees and the waves began to build. Pretty soon I felt as if I was standing in ocean surf. I had to really brace for some of these rollers! And the water action stirred up all the grass and wood so I spent a lot of time cleaning.

But it was fun working on the cast in difficult windy conditions! Man, casting downwind parallel to the beach made me feel like Lefty Kreh!!! ;)

Maybe my mojo is still gone but I had a great day! :D
Sorry about that Dipnet :( but grats on getting out! Conditions were pretty grim when I hit the road this morning, was just gonna hit Point Defiance and try to find some calm water on the leeward side, but the tide was a high low so with the wind and high water... I bailed and took the Lab for a run on the trails at Point D...which was the best choice in retrospect, plus I figured with all the rain, the water would be out of condition.
I hear you on casting in deteriorating conditions...staying optimistic is the key!
Grats on a positive outing despite the conditions!


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Dipnet get a hold of me and we will go get you on some fish.
Well, I did and we did! :)

I caught 2 nice cutties with Jonathan today at one of his "select" areas. It was a gorgeous bluebird day and the water was like a sheet of glass!

He also let me fish his higher-end rod/reel for awhile and man, what a difference between that outfit and the inexpensive Cabela's stuff I've been using (but I got my outfit for free and it suffices for now - or at least until I can convince the wife otherwise)!

Thanks Jon for allowing me to tag along with you today and helping me with my technique!! :D

Oh, and BTW this expression of my feelings after today is for wadin' boot:

Tight lines and fishy times to all!! :D
Congrats on a well earned outing, it was always just a matter of time. It's a great fishery but takes awhile to get the hang of. It was great of Jonathan to take you out and I'm sure you learned a lot from him today, it will just keep getting better. It's pretty easy when you can see them, but learning to read the water, tides, and currents will become much more important when you don't, and you have too look for them.


Congrats Dipnet! Twas a wise thing to accept Jonathan's help. As Dr Seuss said, "When you're in a Slump, you're not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done".