Got my outdoor cooking area setup.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Been slowly trying to get my house and acreage squared away. Been tough with work schedule and life in general (kids activities, PHW, etc etc). But had a chance to get some work done yesterday (and paying for it today, this kid is SORE). Had a friend who had to move, and she gave me all her metal shelving (nice heavy duty stuff). I had varying plans on how/where I was going to store my cookgear. But the shelves settled that one. So took my pumphouse and converted it over (since it already had my big freezer and my staging fridge for my events/bbq's, etc). It's not totally done, but I'm getting there. Thought I'd share pics (and no, this isn't all my stuff, and have more coming once I make my next order). :)

To the left is storage of my stoves, rolltop tables, stove accessories, and misc gear

Left middle is where I store all my dutch ovens (aluminum and cast iron) and misc cook gear on top

Right middle is where I keep my utensils/misc temp devices, dutch oven gear, etc and hang my big wok and lumberjack skillet

Far right is where I store all my demo gear. All of it is exclusively used for my cooking demos (except the camp oven, but use it mostly for keeping food warm at demos). Also store some of my extra charcoal on the floor near the water shut off on the floor where I have extra space.

Almost done. Can't wait until all the gear is in there. Actually, left one pic out. Just a pic of my big freezer and fridge. But on top of them, I have my dryboxes and my new aluminum chuckbox stored up on top.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Glad to see you getting things organized, makes it so much easier when you can know things are where they should be and a glance tells you theres no empty spot that shouldn't be. As much as you do and are innvolved in you needed that organization to release some pressure. I hope that you can keep it going gradually. Good luck

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yup. This the building by front door next to windmill. Thank God all the buildings are wired into the alarm system LOL.

We are having a garage sale next Saturday. So will get rest of garage emptied. Its actually cleaned up and sorted. The shop is almost done. Will finish it up this weekend. Then get my fishing gear room done. After that its Mancave time. :)
Hi Jerry,
Wish I would have a friend like yours!
Glad that you bring metal shelving in best use. Do post more pictures while cooking.