Got some samples in the mail today from AIRE/Outcast

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by SpeyFitter, Jan 17, 2014.

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    So I contacted AIRE/Outcast a few weeks ago and asked for their new 2014 catalogues and I was also curious if they could provide me with some samples of their Whitewater grade PVC & Urethane materials that they use for their outer covers (as they use Urethane bladders). I wasn't so much interested in colour necessarily although they sent me samples of every colour they have in each material which was cool, but more interested in material thickness. They sent me a 2014 Outcast catalogues but their 2014 AIRE Catalogue isn't out yet so they sent me a 2013 catalogue.

    Anyways, shortly after looking at their samples, I got my Outcast PAC repair kit out as I have some material for my boat in them just so I could compare the material thickness - holy sh*t - the material on their whitewater grade boats around 35% thicker! The Urethane material and PVC material are also the same thickness in the samples provided, only the Urethane is supposedly about 10 times more abrasion resistant than the PVC and is obviously more costly to purchase/build boats out of. The Catalogue has pricing to make rafts and catarafts in either material (Either material would have Urethane bladders) and for their catarafts it is about $1100-1200 more for a boat with Urethane outers.

    Also worth noting - on their Outcast PAC boats they got rid of the Pac 1100 as you may already know, and on their Pac 800,900, and 1000 they have now upgraded the toons by adding a chafe strip to the top of the toons to deal with potential frame rubbing/abrasion, BUT, they changed the valves from Leafield B7's to now they are outfitting their PAC toons with Summitt 2 valves, which aren't a bad valve at all actually, although the Leafields are apparently a bit better of a valve. I never thought chafing/abrasion was much of an issue on these boats - the aluminum frames they have from guys I know don't usually cause any or much issues this way as they are smoother. Apparently to make the chafe strip fit, they had to repattern the toons, which apparently gives them a bit more volume and subsequent flotation. Based on the pictures of the Pac 800 it looks like the toons are a little beefier overall (not different in diameter, just the toon diameter isn't tapered as much - looks like maybe a bit less rocker).

    Anyways, I got some dreaming to do....I'm going to be counting AIRE Wave Destroyers in my dreams....
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    Wave Destroyers are very fun boats. Super surfy and big water capable.