Grande Ronde?

Anybody heard anything from the ronde? i would think there are some fish in the river now but the warm water and low flows keeping the majority of the fish down at the snake/cw confluence. any word on the status down there would be appreciated.

i have been wondering the same thing. im making a trip down there this weekend regardless but i also would greatly appriciate any informantion.

-Connor Parrish
Water is running about 62 degrees in the AM. Flows pretty low but there are some around..... Quick photo, she is back in the river to do her thing!


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I hooked and landed 4 steelhead on the Ronde last weekend. My first time out there and first time catching a steelhead. I hear the cold weather isn't helping right now though. I think I left right in time.


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all the steelies went up the snake. they forgot to stop at the ronde. there are snakes, ticks, fleas and very low water on the ronde. mike w

Jim Ficklin

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The 'Ronde has fur-bearing rattlers, active 'til -10 degrees . . . and they have learned that of inside waders is warmth. Your well-being is
at risk. Don't go there . . .