Grande Ronde?


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yeah, i guess d*ckhead would be a way to describe that crew. they act so damned elitest and professinal, but they only fish that meat hole/kiddie hole, fact is they are as greedy as the rest of us, but pretend to be better, lol.. i dont know why they bother stepping down, one spots as good as another where they fish. my friends father in law was just down there for the first time, he threw bobbers by the fly guys and gave me an earfull about them.
off topic sorry. that river has fish all the way thru shoemaker and beyond already.
VERY VERY few fish. Spent 4 days floating and covering every rock, seam, run, head, and tail from Boggans down. 4 fish. give er about 3 more weeks.

Fished down by the mouth this weekend, Snake still high, caught a few fish and had none of the problems with other fishers as alluded to in earlier posts. Guess we were lucky. Attached is a pic of a nice fish my dad picked up. I hope he is not flipping me off......

Tight Lines,
There is always a few uptight guys on the lower. I got into it with an old timer that was pretty grouchy about me nymphing. I say screw em fish how you want respect the fish and others space and have fun. I will be camped at cable hole in two weeks in a black toyota tacoma if anyone wants to stop by an bullshit. Also how were the mule deer looking when you guys were down there? I got my mule deer tag just incase I see a dandy buck.

Yeah, but how are you going to take that muley down? Nymphing or swinging?

Salmo, I'm going straight for the .308 if I find a decent buck, otherwise i will be nymphing the pockets and swinging the runs. Funny thing last year I landed way more fish swinging my nymphs and the end of the dead drift than the actual drift itself. I normally fish all day and glass the hillsides in the morning and evenings for bucks. I climbed that hill behind the cable hole last year and man that was a workout but watching the sunrise over hells canyon was priceless.
The old man smoked me...... He taught me how to fly fish on the Trinity and the Klamath. I throw a spey he still uses a single.... He still gets the big ones..... Pisses me off....