Pattern Grape Crepe


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At one time in my life purple was the only color I would fish, but I have not fished a purple fly for quite some time. I not sure what happen, maybe I just got board of tying purple This one will get wet for sure and could get me back on a purple kick. Thanks for looking.

Tip: silver oval tinsel
Tag: purple silk
Tail: dyed purple Amherst crest topped with a king fisher feather
Body: two colors of purple seal with gadwall started at the second turn of ribbing
Rib: fly pearl Mylar followed by oval tinsel
Collar: dyed purple pheasant rump followed by a few turns of purple dyed guinea
Wing: purple, blue, and black goose shoulder with one fiber of bustard



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What's the big deal? It's basically just a grape skinny pancake... I love the "doted lateral line" effect in the wing. It basically looks like a bullseye that's at least as eye catching as Jungle cock if not moreso due to its length. "bite here":thumb: