Grass Carp Flies?


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that picture isnt even a grass carp. it looks to me like a species of buffalo(the fish not the mammal) and yes that is a awkward moment LOL
Our home-owners association has a penchant for purchasing grass carp to feed the Eagles and Osprey in the neighborhood pond... after all they wouldnt want those unsightly weeds!
I've only caught one, and that was on a dry fly to a fish that was tucked up under an overhanging bush slurping something off the surface (repeatedly). I dont remember what the fly was.
:beathead: As suggested earlier in the post, fishing for "Grass Carp" (Ctenopharyngodon idella) is a violation of fishing regulations unless there is a special opening. You can, however fish for the "Common Carp" (Cyprinius carpio) in this state. They are widespresd. There is a very good book entitled Carp on the Fly by Barry Reynolds, et al. You might want to order it from Amazon if you're serious about fishing for carp. It has a section on flies in it. Seems to me it was about $15.00 and read the regulations. It might save some money and embarassment.


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Hey Steve,
Don't hurt your head beating it on the wall. Save yourself the embarrassment and money it will take to fix it.
Again as I had posted earlier in the thread....private pond, private property with no public access, private stocking for weed control.

Thanks to all who gave me ideas.

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Grass Carp are expensive. A WA Department of Ecology permit/visit is required before even being able to purchase them. Most sales go to private pond owners, large businesses complexes, and golf courses. All with NO possible outlets to any other bodies of water.

There are some really big ones in Semiahmoo Golf Course's ponds and the Bellingham Golf and Country Club's ponds.