SBS Grassett's Flats Minnow


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Basic Bendback stuff; generic flats food. Change colors/size to suit your needs.

hook - Mustad 3407 #2
thread - Danville flat wax chartreuse
body - Estaz olive
underwing - bucktail white
flash - Krystal Flash rootbeer
overwing - bucktail olive
topping - peacock herl
eyes - medium beadchain stainless
weedguard - Mason 25lb mono

mash barb, grasp hook behind eye and bend hook down

start thread; tie in eyes, wrap to bend

tie in Estaz, wrap to eyes; tie off/trim

even tips on a sparse clump of bucktail, measure (2x shank), trim butts, tie in

tie in some KF; realize it's time to flip the hook in the vise so the stem is out of the way, fold, tie down

even tips on another sparse clump of bucktail, measure (a bit longer than the underwing), trim butts/tie in

tie in some peacock herl

tie in weedguard

whip finish, SHHAN, trim weedguard