Great Day on the Yakima With Reds

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    Richland Wa today's post (March 18) pretty much describes what we did and the March 15th is a good summary of the success that we had today. A couple of firsts for me:

    1. A nice steelhead on a 4 wt. rod (drifting a fat Pat's stone under a yarn indicator) a great surprise.

    2. An 18" white fish. Reminded me why I liked catching them on the South Fork of the Snake river as a kid. They don't jump like the bows but they put a nice bend in the rod.

    My partner, Tom, had even better numbers than I including a very nice and very fat West Side Cutthroat on the last drift of the day. Joe R. worked very hard for us and we had a great time. All fish were quickly released without photos. Our smallest fish were the same size as the largest that we typically caught only a few years ago.

    Today's blog on fishing the soft water may not stress this point quite hard enough. Even when I thought I was fishing soft water, it frequently was not soft enough and slight adjustments 6-12" made huge differences. His advice on exact mending is spot on. Practice hitting quarter to half dollar sized targets at 20-30 feet with the occasional puff of wind doesn't hurt any either.
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