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    A couple of months ago I posted a thread about a trip that I would be taking to Ontario, Canada, to fish for steelhead:

    This is the report from that trip.

    My brother (blue jacket/green touque) and I (Simms jacket/blue hoodie) were scheduled to fish the morning of Dec. 27th on Bronte Creek in Oakville, ON. The night before the trip it snowed a fair bit (~8 inches). We decided to go for it anyway, even though the snow probably cooled the water off a little and put the fish down. This was my brothers introduction to fly fishing so I let the guide spend most of the time with him, and just point me in the right direction. The stream is narrow in most places with no swinging water, so we nymphed egg patterns and buggers all day.





    We fished as we walked downriver, only to come across ice jams in the areas that the guide was hoping would be productive for us. Not being able to fish that stretch, we hoofed it back to the car and drove to another spot, only to find a similar situation. The guide was a great guy and offered to take us out on his own time later in the week once conditions improved. We took him up on the offer and hit a diferent stretch of the river a few miles upstream a few days later. We nymphed for most of the afternoon, but didn't have much luck. I managed to hook up with something along the ice covered edge of the bank below a good sized riffle. Just as I was setting the hook, I fell through the ice. Luckily it was only knee deep, so I wasn't in any danger, but in the process of falling through the ice I didn't get a good hookset. The fish rose to the surface, gave a roll, and the came unbuttoned. Dang.

    Even though no fish were landed, I got to spend some quality time with my brother and share something I enjoy doing. He had fun, and I am hoping that he'll want to fish with me again in the future.
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    That is awesome! It is great to get with family and have an outing like that. I will be flying back in Feb to Washington State and see my brother, kick back a few brews and enjoy fishing and fun.

    Love the pictures


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