Great way to start the morning

Last night I tied up some pink clousers with some flash and peacock on the sides, hoping to trick some salmon in the salt. This morning I decided to give the beaches another shot after being skunked in my last 4 attempts to land a salmon under the Narrows. I tried a new spot that didn't have any other fisherman but heard from a friend it produced some fish. 10 minutes into fishing, I feel a huge tug on my 8wt and after a small fight, landed a beautiful coho, hen. Took longer to hike the beach than catch a fish.



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The whole south sound coho fishery in general has been on a steady decline for a number of years. I'm glad I got to fish it starting in the 60's. MA 13 still can produce some great fishing days, but it isn't nearly as steady as it used to be.


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I hooked a nice coho on the, rigger at telephone eddy which is N of pt Evans
Drifted thru with a fast sinking line and tube afly to no avail
So there are some fish on that side
Redondo sounds hot
Has anyone hit dumb ass bay?